Securing your home each evening is a snap

With just a single touch of a button. ELAN will turn off the lights, ensure the garage door is closed, doors are locked, and your security cameras and system is activated. With the convenience of remote access, you can receive alerts, arm, or disarm the system from your mobile device with the ELAN 8 mobile app whether you’re at home or a thousand miles away.

Working late?

ELAN’s control panel lets you check in on your kids and even switch on your smart home security system remotely. Monitoring your home has never been so easy! Manage your smart home devices such as security cameras, smart locks, window sensors, motion detectors, video doorbell cameras and much more! And if you’re coming home after dark, ELAN keeps you feeling safe by activating an illuminated path from driveway to door.


Intelligent smart device integration

Is the smoke alarm triggered? Or perhaps there’s a carbon monoxide leak. ELAN immediately shuts down your HVAC system, minimizing the spread of smoke. While emergency response is being notified, internal and external pathways are lit to help your family exit quickly, giving you the peace of mind you deserve