Answer your door, accept a package, or let the plumber in even when you’re away. Own a vacation home? Give friends instant access without making the drive. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the kitchen, at the office, or on a tropical island. From motion detection to smart locks, ELAN’s smart home monitoring system provides comfort, safety and peace of mind for your home and loves ones.

Smart Home Monitoring & Security Systems

When integrated with smart home security system devices such as home alarms, motion detectors, smart locks, doorbell and IP security cameras, ELAN delivers a full view of your surroundings as well as two-way audio, helping you monitor a baby in the next room or a triggered sensor light outside, and all without moving more than a finger. Experience complete control, convenience, and peace of mind whether you’re at home, at work, or on the go. Learn more about ELAN’s smart home security systems.

Smart Home Communication

You can even link multiple ELAN homes, so you can check on the kids at Grandma’s house just as easily as looking into the next room. And when you’re away, see who’s visiting with video doorbell monitoring featuring two-way audio. With a single, elegant interface across all devices, ELAN keeps you connected to your loved ones—wherever they may be.

Take ELAN Intercom anywhere in the world, with the intuitive mobile app, smart enough to play any of the custom tones when the app is open, and send push notifications when the app is not open. And for times when you want to unplug, a Do Not Disturb function is available on every interface.