Whether your building that dream home or just remodelling your current residence we will future-proof the property. Connect can design the perfect wiring infrastructure for your home.

Connecting you in a digtal world

Connect Technology

At Connect Technology we create stunning,audio, video, lighting and security systems by combining technology and modern design to create beautiful, purposeful living and working spaces.We consult with our customers, then designing Home audio / video system to match their needs. We offer options like in-wall iPod docking bays and smart lighting systems to compliment and work with you

Our installation business is independent and our digital TV and satellite installers are certified to perform digital TV installation. We fix damaged preinstalled TV Aerials on your house and offer digital TV aerials which are installed from only £150.


Poor wifi and internet connectivity remain the number one problem for most homes. We will provide the solution to your connection problems with various custom designed solutions from hard wired smart TV’s to multiple wireless access points.

We   have   have   the   Support   of   Oxford  Audio   Who   have   the reputation  as  one  of  the  leading  UK  specialists  in  high  quality  2 channel  audio  and  multi-room  music.Oxford  Audio  are  constantly striving  to  find  and  stock  the  best  equipment  in  established  and new  technologies  ranging  from  turntables  and  valve  amplifiers  to digital     music     streamers     &     internet-connected     multi-room systems.We   have   3   dedicated   listening   rooms   and   you   are welcome  to  drop  in  anytime.  If  you  can  book  and  give  us  a  few day’s  notice  then  we  can  tailor  something  for  you  and  make  sure  it sounds  its  best.You  can  then  take  as  long  as  you  like  with  no obligation.Our  installations  range  from  the  invisible  to  the  dramatic, from   the   modest   to   the   magnificent   –   but   no   matter   what   you choose  you  can  be  sure  of  something  that  is  beautiful  for  both  the eye and the ear!


Multi-zone audio installations with your music where you want it, when you want it. Your entire music library at the touch of a button.



connecting you in a digtal world


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Our installers / engineers that can fit, install and offer these services for your home # Freeview, TV – FM aerials, Freeview, Freesat, DAB Radio, Top-up TV, Sky Digital, Sky HD, Sky Plus, Multi Room Sky, Multi Room T V aerial storm damage repairs and fix damage to a vandalized fitted TV aerial  Our independent status means we can offer private Sky Dish installations. We may be able to help you if you have turned down for a Sky installation by other companies. Our installers are trained experts and can solve no line of sight problemsand could be successful where other installers would not